Region: Castelo, Espírito Santo - BR

Varietal: Catucai 785

Process: Washed

MASL: 1100

Notes: Bergamont, Cola, Tropical Fruit Tea


And the winner is...Willian Dalvi Sartori!!! 

The first-ever 90+ point Brazilian coffee has arrived in the United States---and we have it. With help from our great friends at Lado a Lado and FAF Coffees, we present you with the state of Espírito Santo's Best Coffee of 2020. It is silky, tea-like and unlike anything you've ever tried. 
Willian's attention to every detail has paid off; from the most precise picking and sorting to a beautiful washed process, Mr. Sartori has conquered all of us with his magical farming techniques. 

Willian Dalvi Sartori, Castelo - Espírito Santo (W)