Region: Carmo de Minas, São Paulo - BR

Varietal: SL28

Process: Anaerobic Fermentation, 72 Hours, Bombona style

MASL: 1100

Notes: Chocolate Ganache, Tiramisu, Yellow Fruits.


Luiz Paulo is like the Indiana Jones of coffee varieties and fermentation. And with this SL28 varietal, originally from the labs of Kenya, he is the first to grow this type of coffee in Brazil.

On his Santuário Sul farm, we witnessed his person. Paulo uses his very own yeast for all of his anaerobic and aerobic fermentations---and it's from his own coffees. Meticuously created by Luiz and a team of scientists and grad students from the local univerisity, Paulo has developed a sustainable recipe for an incredible yeast that makes his coffees sparkle. We are ooing and aahing over this one!



Anaerobic Series - Luiz Paulo, SL28

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