Region: Alto Jequitibá, Minas Gerais - BR

Varietal: Red Catucai

Process: Natural- Extended Fermentation

MASL: 1300 Notes: Mr. Melon Candy, Fruit Punch, Jasmine Tea


"Our water comes from the forest and I am aware of how we must preserve it, the water we have is our greatest asset." Josimar "Lala" Sodré’s belief in environmental sustainability is fundamental to the way she approaches her coffee on her Água Limpa farm. She took her time to find the perfect formula for her first harvest: hand-picked and sorted and then raised on covered beds, Josimar meticulously aerobically-fermented this coffee at a humidity level of 50-60%. With a roaring 88 point cup score, she shocked all of us, from Brazil to Los Angeles. Parabéns, Lala!

Josimar “Lala” Sodré, Alto Jequitibá - Minas Gerais

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