Region: Ribeirão Corrente, São Paulo - BR
Varietal: Red Catuaí
Process: Anaerobic Fermentation, Bombona style
MASL: 900
Notes: Peach Schnapps 🍑 , Orange soda, Foreign spices.

Otávio ---owner of Aquarela Coffee---was immediately intrigued when we were introduced to José ricardo Cunha’s story. Less than 68 miles from his place of birth, Cunha’s Água Limpa farm is nestled in the beautiful northeast of the state of São paulo.

With lower elevations and drier micro-climates, the typical profile of a coffee from this region is nutty and sweet. But this is anything but a typical coffee. Fermented Bombona style (a one-way valved tank), this is anaerobic fermentation at its very best. With precise science and 24-hour quality control, this is a coffee meant for the gods.

José Ricardo Cunha - Ribeirão Corrente (Bombona Style), São Paulo

PriceFrom $21.50