Regions: Mantiqueira de Minas - Minas Gerias 

Varieties: Yellow Bourbon, Red Catuaí

Processes: Natural, Honey

MASL: 950-1300

Notes: Fudge, Candied Cherry, Strawberry-kiwi.


We did it! SPLA's first ever blend, Deus Me Livre (God Forbid), strikes all the right chords as we enter a time of uncertainty and innovation. With each sip, you taste a sample from each farm that we work with and will be surprised by the complexity of this hand-crafted blend. I mean, we still need amazing coffee, right? Deus me livre. Recommended for Espresso, Chemex and Cold Brew.

Deus Me Livre - Espresso and House Blend (W)

  • Consume within 3 weeks of purchase.

    All bags have been properly sanitized before being shipped out or picked up.