Region: Santo Antônio do Amparo, Minas Gerais - BR

Varietal: Mundo Novo

Process: NaturalMASL: 1140

Notes: Orange-Chocolate cake, Blackberry, Almond


Neide has always been an entrepreneur. From domestic work to opening her own hair salon, she still managed to help out on her family's Santo Antônio farm. In 2017, Neide realized the potential for growing specialty grade coffee and, alongside her family, spearheaded the meticulous planting and growing of various coffee varieties.As a Brazilian woman of color, the challenges Neide faced to run her farm and get her family's coffee beyond the gates were unfathomable. Yet here we are: sipping on this delectable Mundo Novo coffee, we say “Um brinde a você, Neide 🥂”

Neide Peixoto, Santo Antônio do Amparo - Minas Gerais (W)