Region: Cerrado Mineiro, Minas Gerais - BR

Varietal: IPR-100 (Dwarf Varietal) 

Process: Honey

MASL: 1160

Notes: Brownie, Cinnamon Gingerbread, Spiced Fig.


Ana Cecília Velloso comes from a coffee rich background: her father, Fausto Velloso, put their São Luiz farm on the map. But it was Ana Cecília's skill for cutting edge farming techniques and upholding the highest standards for the farm's coffees that has taken their coffee production to new heights.


With this coffee, you get to witness the dedication to exact picking and sorting on the farm. Due to the honey process, there is a familiar sweetness of gingerbread and fig. Like a Star Wars character, this IPR-100 varietal is just pure delight. Bravo, Ana!

Ana Cecília Velloso, Carmo do Paranaiba - Minas Gerais (W)