Region: Caconde, São Paulo - BR

Varieties: Yellow Catucai, Red Catuaí 

Process: Natural

MASL: 1250

Notes: Brownie, Oreo Cookie, Guava finish.


In 2015, we joined our great friend Felipe Croce's team and helped him open Isso é Cafe in São Paulo, Brazil. We saw his vision: brining sustainably grown, high-quality coffees from his farms to the Brazilian public. 


In this Bobolink Project, Felipe Croce works with producers Ivan and Rose Dos Santos and Reginaldo Jacon to collaborate on an Organic Microlot blend that is free of herbicides and uses recycled water from a newly-developed water treatment system.


Did we mention that it tastes like oreos? Mano do céu! 


Recommended for filter, French Press, Cold Brew/Iced Coffee.

The Bobolink Project

Whole Bean or Ground
  • Dark Chocolate, Oreo Cookie, Acerola (Tropical Cherry).


  • Consume within 3 weeks of purchase.

    All bags have been properly sanitized before being shipped out or picked up.